The Biderman's Story

   Post-War Germany, 1946
Post-War Germany, 1946


Zach’s Papa and Nana, gentle, loving and kind to their grandchildren, had suffered the Holocaust along with millions of Jews.  Zach grew up hearing stories about Papa along with a few other brave souls, breaking open the door of a moving train on its way to Treblinka, jumping, and ending up the only survivor.  Nana and her family had hidden in attics, under toilets, and had been protected by righteous Polish farmers and a German expat who owned a brickyard in their town, Lukow.  The Russians killed this woman on their way to Berlin.

Papa and Nana moved to the US after WW2, following family to Texas.  Nana’s mother had written back to Nana and Papa, telling them not to come as the heat was unbearable.  They had no air conditioning.  Nana and Papa were in Munich, where the American occupation forces were headquartered, awaiting their travel papers.

Despite her Mother’s warning, the Bidermans came to Texas in 1948.  Papa worked in a belt factory for $.25/hour.  After a few years he had saved enough to purchase a dry goods store in Grand Prairie.  The store was ultimately very successful, and Papa allowed Zach the run of the store.  Zach especially liked hanging near the cash register and adding up the customer’s purchase.

Meanwhile, Nana, who raised three kids and worked in the store, was a wonderful cook.  Nana made an elaborate Shabbat dinner on Friday night, cooking old world dishes like chicken soup, stuffed cabbage, veal roasts, and cholent.  The family always laughed as they could smell the garlic from the driveway.

In honor of his Grandparents, Zach opened Biderman’s Deli in 2016.  Zach’s grandmother, now 93, attended the opening and qvelled at her Grandson’s accomplishment.  Articles from the Dallas Morning News about the Biderman’s ordeal and survival decorated the walls, along with family photos.

Bidermans is proud to share the Biderman’s story and their legacy with you. We hope you love our food as much as Zach loves his Nana, still going strong!